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Welcome Parlons Français is run by Sophie Franklin, a French national with a wide experience of teaching to adults at all levels, secondary school students ('A' level and GCSE) and young children
Group Classes for Adults

As from Monday 7th January 2019, we are offering the following group classes. The levels are based on the official European scale:

  • Monday 5pm - C1 (advanced) in Cheltenham
  • Monday 7pm - A2 (False Beginners) in Gloucester
  • Thursday 7pm - B1 (upper intermediate) in Gloucester
  • Other Groups will be created on demand, day times and evenings, any level needed. Please contact Parlons Francais to say what you need and when, and classes will be created.

    Group sizes are typically 4-6 adults, and last 90 minutes unless otherwise stated.

    All lessons are payable by term of 12 weeks, at 120. Classes are led by French Nationals.

    Please contact us for further details and an enrolment form.

Group Classes for Adults