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Welcome Parlons Français is a French language school run by teachers of French nationality with a wide experience of teaching to adults at all levels, secondary school students ('A' level and GCSE) and young children.

Following on from Le Français par les Jeux, a unique resource to enable you to teach French to 7-11 year olds with lots of games and fun activities, Le Français en Activités provides a revision of the words learnt in the first level, with more words, practised through different activities.

In each book, there are 27 different topics from everyday life (from numbers and colours to verbs and adjectives), with 4 activities for each topic. You will also find master sheets to produce lotto and domino games.

Ideal for the French speaker who needs backup material. With the set of 2 books, you have enough material to cover tuition for half to one hour per week for 4 years.

Both books can also be used at KS3 to learn and revise vocabulary in a fun and challenging way. Both resources can be purchased on hard or soft copy for easy duplicating.

Resources available on CD ready to be printed as and when needed. Contact us for details.