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Welcome Parlons Français is a French language school run by teachers of French nationality with a wide experience of teaching to adults at all levels, secondary school students ('A' level and GCSE) and young children.
Thank you for making these arrangements Sophie, and all your help with finding teachers for Sue over the years. The lessons have greatly added to the quality of Sue's life.

- Hilary - August 2019
Many thanks for everything, I really enjoyed my lessons with Anne and Chris and I’m sorry I was not a more regular student!

- Janet - August 19
(...) merci beaucoup encore to you, Ann V. and Parlons Francais for the excellent and very enjoyable French classes in the past.

- Chris - March 19
(..........) do hope one day to be able to restart French lessons again in which case I will contact. I wish to thank Anne for the lessons I had and particularly her patience with all my stumblings!

- Daphne - February 2019
I was talking to my French "gite" owner during the holiday and she said:" you must be taught by a French person; your accent is very good". Thanks for Parlons Francais French teachers.

- Gerry - December 2018
Just to say that I had a really good class with Anne via Skype during my lunch break today, thank you so much.

- Inge - July 2018
Dear Sophie, I am happy to remain on your database, as, in my experience, Parlons Francais classes and associated courses are excellent. Merci beaucoup.

- Chris - May 2018
Geraldine has been wonderful for Sarah in so many ways. Sarah has a true love for all things French, and hopes to do a study program there one day! Thank you for everything, including your patience with my husband delaying payment!!

- Jill - May 2018
Dear Anne and Sophie, I enjoyed lessons with both of you and certainly felt that I'd benefitted from them.

- Ann - May 2018
I greatly enjoy my lessons with Anne. I just wish I had more time for home study. I would judge her an outstanding teacher.

- Hugh - April 2018
I am still really enjoying my lessons with Anne, we do some serious French but also have time for a good laugh together which is lovely. I look forward to going every week. The payment time seems to come around so fast though, it is quite frightening how quickly the time flies.

- Noeleen - March 2018
Thank you ! Anne is very tolerant and I enjoy her class very much. With kindest regards

- Candy - February 2018
I want to say, again, how much Sarah's French improved once we started tutoring with you, then Geraldine. She is in the top of her class, and has been learning French the shortest time of anyone in the class! Sarah has developed a true love for everything French, and hopes to study there in a few years! Thank you,

- JIll -November 17
Je veux aussi dire que Nicole est excellente comme prof de français. Elle est vraiment sympa et je l’aime bien

- Emma - October 17
Ceitidh has enjoyed doing the lunchtime lessons . Thank you for helping her gain confidence and enjoyment in French which will stand her in good preparation for secondary.

- Laura April 17
Just to let you know that unfortunately I am not going to be able to continue with French Conversation classes this Autumn after all as I will be spending more time in London on a regular basis. Anne has been marvelous. I have very much enjoyed the contact and thank her for her patience! Kind regards

- Sally - September 2016
Thank you so much Sophie for all you have done for Sue in the last few years - she has very much enjoyed the lessons as you know.

- Hilary - June 2016
Thank you for the great classes I enjoyed wih Sophie. She is lively and has a varied approach.

- JIm - June 2016
Sarah has enjoyed working with you and will miss you! (Written about Sophie)

- Jill - May 2016
My classes are going really well thank you, Anne is an excellent teacher.

- Sallie - April 2016
Bonjour Sophie, Not entirely sure what happened when I went to Paris on Tuesday but it was like someone had installed me with a french microchip. I was unusually capable both in my meeting and then competently ordering lunch in a restaurant all in french. I surprised myself but then figured I actually had you to thank for this, so my sincere thanks for all your hard work, patience and unrelenting cheerfulness. My french lessons are always a very welcome and much needed break from all the noise that I deal with!

- Scott - December 2015
We've had a lovely holiday, it's been very hot, too hot for sightseeing some days. ..... I've been able to have a few conversations in French and understanding menus and ordering food has been so much easier this year. I have also found myself eavesdropping on the conversations of French people who are sitting near to me in a restaurant! I was also relieved to find that I can understand how much something costs in a shop so you were right that once I arrived and started shopping it came to me easier. I will look forward to catching up with you on Monday....

- Jackie (to her teacher) - July 2015
"Anne is an excellent and patient teacher and always tries to find ways around issues that may be blocking the student’s process. I am very happy to recommend her as a teacher who is always willing to help and listen."

- Iain- April 2014
"My daughter really enjoys your classes. Every week she comes home with new words"

- Daisy's mum - April 2015
Alex did enjoy the lessons with you, it's just that she is feeling rather overwhelmed with the sporting commitments, although she enjoys them immensely and doesn't want to quit. Perhaps when she is a little older she will feel like resuming French.

- Justine - March 2015
Je pris beaucoup de plaisir a cette classe. C’est possible que mon plaisir n’est pas toujours tres visible. Mais j’aime que la classe est petite, qu’il y a beaucoup d’humour, que les membres de la classe sont approximativement de la meme age, et la preceptrice est tres gentille! Merci beaucoup. Bien amicalement

- Chris - November 2014
Thank you for all your help with my first forays back into the French language, and for the lovely pen, it will indeed remind me of you and of Parlons Francais.

- Sue - October 2014
We all enjoyed our lessons with you, and I would like to think that our French speaking and our understanding of the language has improved.

- Bryan - September 2014
Sophie, Merci de m'avoir enseigné du français. Je suis désolé que je suis un étudiant lent mais je sais que j'ai beaucoup appris et je vais continuer à pratiquer.

- Stewart - July 2014
Bonjour Josette Nous avons du beau temps! It's so lovely here. The lessons that I had with you have been a huge help. I have been asking for directions, chatting to shop keepers, I used the telephone to find out when a Restaurant was open and booked a table - successfully! Andy was most impressed. I haven't had a mille feuille yet, but will definitely be trying one before we come home. I do so love France

- Jackie - July 2014
I'm really enjoying the lessons, Josette is a really good tutor & although I originally wanted to brush up on a few things before my holiday, I now would like to keep going.

- Jackie - June 2014
I want to say a really big thank you for what has been a hugely enjoyable experience - I also think that I might have finally cracked the subjunctive (or near as damn it) at the age of 50 and that's down to you Anne!! My old French lodger came back for a visit this weekend and she was impressed with my improvement since she stayed last year! It's been very rewarding and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your classes to friends. I might start again in September (if you'll have me back!) so please let me know when term starts again.

- Suzy - June 2014
Thank you so much for all your patience and expert teaching in getting my French back in to my brain - I promise to keep using the book so my knowledge increases.

- Anne - May 2014
Sophie provided French language tuition in my office environment over a period of about 6 months to prepare me for a period working in Paris. Importantly she was punctual at all times and I felt she personalised her approach to fit my learning style without losing sight of the fundamentals. As a native French speaker her skill in explaining the complex grammatical concepts to me (in English) was precise and clear, showing her detailed understanding in her chosen languages. Her positive outlook was also notable even when confronted with my poorer efforts!! I would highly recommend Sophie and note that having had subsequent intensive lessons in Paris over 2 years, that she gave me the perfect foundation to build upon. I wish her continued success."

- Stuart
Sophie has helped my husband and I immensely since we bought our home in France. As neither of us spoke French we needed someone to help us communicate with all sorts of people from lawyers and service providers to our new neighbours. Sophie has both given us practical french lessons and supported us in translation services both written and over the phone and is always there when we need her. Shes personable, skilled, great fun and easy to work with - we absolutely recommend her."

- Tamsin
I've enjoyed stretching my brain in such good company and wish you all the best for the future. Thanks Anne for everything

- Catherine
Thank you Sophie for all of the lessons we had together which I thoroughly enjoyed. Your teaching greatly increased my overall confidence and I was very able to converse with my colleagues in French whilst in Morocco!

- Christina
… it means she got three A-levels and has been offered a place at University. Without your tuition she would definitely have failed her French, and therefore not gone to University - so a HUGE thank you for your help.

- P.Smith
Hi Sophie, thought you might like to know that Rachel scored A* for GCSE French and will be taking A Level.

- Carolyn